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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Carnaval Camp 2016 Report

This year, from February 6-10, many of the different churches made sure to have a camp, get-away, or some kind of positive purpose for Carnaval week. Cajueiro Claro had church camp at one of the near-by beaches. Throughout the time, 17 children and adults had a wonderful time filled with rest, fellowship, worship, and God's Word. 

The highlight, as most years, is the last evening, when they set up a time of prayer and worship right on the beach as they watch the moon rise over the water. Thank you to those who made sure that the children from Living Stones had the opportunity to earn a scholarship to come to camp!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Summer VBS

It is hot out there! After Christmas is the kid's summer break in Brazil, so what better to do than to have Vacation Bible School!
With kids from Belem and Mussurepe joining in the fun, and workers from the Friends church in Carpina, the Living Stones kids had a great time.
Pastor Flavio spent his birthday sharing Jesus with these precious kids and future leaders. 
Sara headed up the older kids
And the younger kids love teacher Mercia! 
Next up, Carnaval Church camp--giving these kids a safe and life changing alternative to being at-risk:Carnaval Camp

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

End of the Year Report

Thank you for supporting us this year! Hear what is going to happen next year from Flavio!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kitchen for the Kids

In the rural town of Cajueiro Claro, many of the families do not have indoor kitchens, regularly running water, or consistent food for their children.

Dream with us again, as we prepare to build a full-size kitchen, a cafeteria, full-sized bathrooms/showers, and in the future, a place for workers to stay.

Click here to donate and learn more!

Computer Classroom Completed

This past summer we dreamed big, about bringing computer to the small, rural community of Cajueiro Claro. That required a lot of cleaning, organizing, construction, and even rewiring (there weren't enough/safe outlets), but we are pleased to announce that Computer classes have started this week!

Our youth room also looks incredible, with great resources!
Special thanks to Shelbyville, for their help, and to the kids from Brookville Road, who gave so generously this summer at VBS to make this happen. 

Update on Mercia

This past September, Mercia (Pastor Flavio's wife) suddenly had horrible abdominal pain and was hospitalized. After many tests (and stress-filled weeks), it was discovered that she needed gallbladder surgery. It was a relief to identify the problem, but then began more issues. The public health system in Brazil is a mess, and after going to various hospitals in various towns, she was told that she couldn't even make an appointment for surgery until 2016!
Unfortunately, her gallstones were growing so quickly that she was in danger of her gallbladder bursting. She immediately had gone on a strict diet, and lost over 25 pounds, but the gall stones still grew. With much praying, she and Flavio began to save for private treatment--something that would cost them thousands of dollars (that they didn't have). At one random (not so random to Jesus!) hospital visit, they ran into an old friend of Flavios who just *happened* to be involved with the surgery process at a different hospital in Recife.

Mercia was immediately seen and tested, confirmed that she needed surgery right away, and put on the fast waiting list. November 30th Mercia had a successful gallbladder surgery, and is now at home, recuperating quickly! She, Pastor Flavio, and their young daughter thank you for your continued prayers and rejoicing with us!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Five Years of Cajueiro Claro

November is our celebration of when it all began--Pastor Flavio walking over half an hour each way each day to come minister to the children, and then inviting the families to come for church on the weekend. To start off our month of celebration, with the money raised on Independence Day
Cajueiro Claro was able to buy the paint to make the church look all pretty. This had happened since painting it last year:
And now:
Pastor Flavio and Mercia's daughter Heloise is 10 months old already
Please keep Mercia in your prayers, as she has been having serious issues with her gallbladder. She needs surgery, but the public hospitals will only allow her to schedule it next year. Flavio and Merica are seeking out other options, as she has serious pain if she eats anything fatty, or does anything strenuous. Private hospital surgery would be very expensive.